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I offer a variety of fantasy, fanfiction and poetic pieces of literature. There are also some random pictures that I have attempted to do. If you like to read, there is plenty to see here!

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Artist | Professional | Literature
United States
I am a freelance writer that has a degree in game design. I do what I can to improve myself in not only writing, but in experiments with other forms of design and hope to one day bring something truly fresh for the industry to appreciate.:)

Writing commissions are currently available. Need something written? Send a note!

Current Residence: Oklahoma, USA
Favorite genre of music: Rock, orchestral and video game music
Favorite style of art: Anthro, Writing, Fan Art, Fantasy Art and anything else that looks great
Operating System: Windows 8.1
Favorite game characters: Yoshi, Tails, Dust and Fidget
Personal Quote: No matter how bad things get, never give up and never surrender!

Friend Art Features!

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 15, 2014, 9:23 PM
  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: Various video game track remixes
  • Reading: Notes
  • Watching: Videos on Youtube
  • Playing: Destiny
Friend Art Features!

Great art from great friends

As I said in my previous journal, I wanted to do a feature journal for a number of the many friends that I have met over the years here on deviantART.  I am grateful for the times I have managed to spend with them all on here, skype, xbox live, steam, real life or elsewhere.  Plenty of grand times have been had and will certainly be had in the future.  Through thick and thin, bonds and formed and strengthened.

As much as I'd like to explain why I consider each of them such a great friend, I don't have the time at the moment.  Hopefully I can add something to each one I feature here soon after this is initially posted.  Please, don't take offense if you aren't here.  I am planning on updating this periodically, adding more people that I talk to frequently.  Tonight though, I will start by featuring these people.

Thank you all for being such fantastic friends. :D  Here's to many more great years!


Millie's Tulips by chibipunk7231Character Design: Midnight the Fox by chibipunk7231Together Forever by chibipunk7231


Vacation Time - Final by AlexBluezThe Reluctant Beauty by AlexBluezThe Dragon of Aegis - Colored by AlexBluez

Note: If you want to see more recent stuff, find him on FA.

Pam Cakes Bio by DragonKickGeckoguy plush by DragonKickWaterlogged remake by DragonKick


Toshiboy by neonoirexA Meadow's Reprieve by neonoirexYou are what you eat by neonoirex


The Yarza Species: Bio of Ania
Bio of Ania
History: Ania has been a yarza that was moreso considered rumor than being real. This is because Ania only walks the land while under the spiritual combination of Ion and Anj, gaining a mentality based upon their minds, then executing their thoughts as a whole for his own mind. Sheer, almost unimaginable power courses through him, using a sacred energy solely called the ania energy. Because of this, he is only called upon when a situation can not be resolved by Ion and Anj, risking a lot to summon him with their bodies.
Some would question why Ion and Anj don't just simply keep the spirit of Ania around with their bodies since their combat abilities are amplified greatly by him. The reason is due to the ania energy consuming so much to control, decomposing faster than it can be created. This leaves Ania on a timer, needing to succeed in his task quickly, or else Ion and Anj fall at risk of death from energy exhaustion. His presence is rarely seen due to these circumstances,
Anj and the Corrupted Monarchy: Intro-ch.1Prologue
Tranquil, yet abrupt. Jolly, yet pressured. Free, yet controlled. In my youth, my community on Terrus was ruled underneath a monarchy system; one king of the yarza commanded every move of expansion we did, the way everything was done, and usually, commands were done without question, regardless of what was done. This strict force of law resulted in mixed emotions among the community; while it quickly expanded with its technology, much of it was done with forced labor, which pressured the yarzan race here. It felt that much negativity was put upon us, and surely, the community would've fallen apart…until I came around. Recent experimentation was made to see if a yarza could be created with an element unlocked at birth. I was the first one to be made, and when things looked bleak, the heavens descended upon me and gave me a living chance, giving me angelic blessings as my element. My success ended up inspiring the community as I brought them happiness, quickly learning the langu
The War for VaraxiaThe War for Varaxia
Upon Xinmar, the technological wonder known as Varaxia has fallen into a territorial war with multiple sides seeking dominance. While some fight in hopes to simply end the war and bring Varaxia back to peace, others seek to make Varaxia their own, even if it means the lives of many are lost. One of the driving forces for the war is elaura, Xinmar’s magical flux that Varaxia was built upon. While elaura exists throughout the world and is exposed through rips on the land, its spots are rare, and relocating upon another elaura node would prove to be a challenge, especially against the primal yarza of the world. While the activity within Varaxia has yet to pose as a threat to Xinmar itself, there has been an increasing concern that the world could destabilize from the elaura being consumed by Varaxia’s needs.
What is Elaura?
As mentioned previously, elaura is the magical flux that gives Xinmar its magical properties. It flows through all of the

:iconoppai-no-megami: (formerly Yant)
Note: Be aware that a large portion of her gallery is considered NSFW.

.:Isabelle:. by Oppai-no-megami.:Okami-ammy chan FA:. by Oppai-no-megami.:Ulla Gift:. by Oppai-no-megami


Sunset by REDTNTStarfox by REDTNTSt Elmo's Fire by REDTNT


Sisterly Bond by RZSTUDIOKim Wu - The Taekwon Dragon Guardian by RZSTUDIOCastle Crashers by RZSTUDIO


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